The Glory of God

I’ve used this quote by Iranaeus before: “The glory of God is man fully alive.” But I did not know there was another part. I didn’t know that the other part would be so essential to being fully alive! St Iranaeus went on to say: “and to be alive consists in beholding God.”

How often have I tried to be fully alive on my own? Making every effort to live out loud, to live as if on fire for God? How many times have I simply been spirited without being Holy Spirited? It seems to be the demise of every “go getter” to lose focus on the right thing. What I am discovering more and more is that less activity is what will lead me to a deeper more meaningful life. Moreover it is to be found in beholding God and being held by Him.

I recently heard on the radio that doctors and scientists have finally come to the conclusion that the reason people are so stressed about their lives is because they never take “down time”. They never take a break. These doctors and scientists recommend a “STOP DAY”. Are you kidding me? Isn’t this called “Sabbath” by God? Exactly! From the beginning of time God set up a “STOP DAY”. Having such a day allows us to rest and find rest in God. We are able to focus on God and behold Him as the all powerful one, the all sufficient one, the one who provides, the healer of our souls and the list goes on. With a “stop day” I can behold God and become more alive than ever.

As I am growing and learning there’s one thing that remains and seems to be coming to the surface lately: knowing God and spending time with Him is all that really matters.

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