One Thing To Rule Them All pt.2

As I continue to think about this “one thing”, I am aware that there are many things that fight for my attention. On any given day, I can be bombarded with thousands of advertisements, phones calls, text messages, and interruptions. In the Tale of Two Sisters, Martha and Mary from Luke 10:38-42, it’s quite easy to see that Martha was distracted from the one thing … Continue reading One Thing To Rule Them All pt.2

God’s Purpose

Chosen God has chosen us to love the world as He loves the world. John 13:34, John 15:12 We were created to love; first and foremost God and then the people God created. The hard part for the disciple of Christ is not loving God but loving hard-to-love people. It is a not-so-easy-task for the servant of God to serve people at times, since they … Continue reading God’s Purpose