Vision 2 Hear

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I serve with Vision 2 Hear Ministries, teaching sign language to students, leading mission experiences, speaking to youth groups and churches, and serving the world for the Kingdom of God. Check out more about our ministry at Vision 2 Hear.

3 thoughts on “Vision 2 Hear

  1. Just experienced his presence at a church conference and all I can say is Wow… You blew me away, my emotions are all over.. Thank you for such a beautiful experience.. Ileana Han

  2. Inspirational! Participated in an outreach with Vision to Hear recently and was amazed. Sharing the Word of God! To say the least I was truly moved. For years, I have wanted to learn ASL. After experiencing the power of that one performance, I am moving forward in vision and purpose for the Kingdom and have signed up for ASL classes! Mr Lockhart, thank you and your team for answering the call of the Lord and sharing with the world! Be encouraged!

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