Exodus 25-27

Exodus 25 God gives instructions about the contributions that are acceptable to Him from the people. These are the things He will allow to be used in the construction of the Sanctuary.

He then gives instructions on how the Ark of the Covenant is to be built. Then He instructs on how the table will be built and how the golden lamp stand is to be fashioned.

Exodus 26 God gives details about the curtains and how they are to be crafted and sewn. God is very thorough in his explanation of how walls and the veil and curtain are to be made that will separate the sections of the sanctuary.

Exodus 27 God explains how the altar is to be built along with the courtyard. Again He gives very detailed instructions.

Here are my takeaways:

God is a God of Particulars.
God has very specific things He wants used in the construction of these items. People cannot just what they want, they are to bring what He wants. This will be His residence. Just as we all have preferences of what we want in our homes, how we want them decorated, God has His own design in mind.

God is a God Who has a Plan. God is a Master builder. He knows exactly how much it will take, what it will look like. He has a blueprint and lays that out for the people. He is a Gos who doesn’t just do things haphazardly but follows a plan. We clearly see this in the construction of this Sanctuary but it is also true in our lives. We may not always know what the plan looks like but we can trust the Master Builder.

God is a God has People in Place for the Plan. God was giving these details to Moses but Moses isn’t the one who constructed it. There were many other people God had already gifted with talents and skills who could understand and even see the same vision as the Architect. God had people all around us who share the same vision but have varying skills to help accomplish building His kingdom.

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