Genesis 25-26

Genesis 25 Abraham dies. Issac and Ishmael have children. Issac has Esau and Jacob, which are twins. Rebekah loves Jacob while Issac loves Esau. Esau is a hunter while Jacob stays home with his mom.

One day Esau comes home after hunting and he acts as though he is dying from hunger. He sees Jacob has some stew and demands it. Jacob sees an opportunity and takes it by selling it to Esau for his birthright.

Birthrights were given to the first born. This usually meant a double portion of what belonged to the father, along with other prestigious honors. We see in the chapter that Esau really didn’t think much of his birthright. Perhaps he wasn’t aware of its value? Perhaps he was extremely short-sighted? Perhaps he felt he could somehow get it back?

How often do we misplace value? Eternal for temporal?

How often do we trade that which is priceless for the which is worthless?

Has the Lord given me something that I mis-valued? Was there something I was born to do or have that I haven’t properly appreciated or given proper thanks?

Genesis 26 The LORD appears to Issac and tells him to trust in the promise made to him and his father, not to leave but to stay in the land. But in 26:7, we see Issac has learned a trick from his father. He lies about his wife.

Abimelech the king saw Issac with Rebekah and realized he had been lied to. After making a decree about how no one should have any relations with her, Abimelech later tells Isaac to leave because God has blessed him so much and he is too powerful in their area.

There is a lot of fighting over who dug certain wells. Issac has gone back though and opened up some that the Philistines had closed up. Issac continues to be blessed by the Lord so much so that Abimelech comes and seeks to have a treaty with him. Issac throws a huge feast for everyone and they celebrate their agreement.

The blessings of the Lord are clearly seen is a phrase that stands out. 26:28. When we are in the Lord’s will it will be evident to those around us. And the same is true; when we aren’t walking with the Lord, everyone else can see that also.

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