Job 40-42

Job realizes his smallness before God as God asks him all of these questions. The more clearly we see God the more clearly we see ourselves. God continues to converse with Job asking more rhetorical questions and revealing His great power through His creations.
Job then confesses again his need for repentance and lack of understanding of God. At that point God announces His displeasure over Job’s friends. God finally makes known that Job’s friends have been talking about things incorrectly. From this we can see that eventually the Truth will be known. God vindicates Job. We don’t have to fight for ourselves. God will make all things right at some point. We must be faithful in our worship and trust in Him until the end.

God required sacrifices of Job’s friends because of their sin. Job was blessed when he interceded for his friends. How important is intercession??

God blessed Job with more than he had before. This may not always be true for us in this life but we can know for sure that in the last day, we will be blessed beyond our comprehension.

The last words about Job are that he died an old man having lived life fully. John 10:10 tells us Jesus came to give us life to the fullest. I have to wonder if Job would have really known what fullness of life was without experiencing such hardship? Job went through trials unlike any other in scripture and came out the other side a better man and servant of God. May we all endure whatever hardship comes to us in the same faithful manner.

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