Job 38-39

In today’s readings we see God asking rhetorical questions. Isn’t it true that often good questions reveal more than simple statements? God asks these questions of Job and of course the answers are obvious. God isn’t asking because He wants an answer; He is proving His point that He is God by asking similar questions over and over again. Not that God has anything to prove but He is making it clear that regardless of what Job or His friends or even we may think, the fact of the matter is there is only One God and it’s YHWH.

It’s easy for all of us to question God when things are not ideal. It’s also easy to question others when it seems things are not right in their lives. But it is important to let our questions lead us to God and await His answers which He may not even give. There’s nothing wrong with asking questions but we must be willing to accept whatever answer is given if we receive one.

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