Job 14-16

Job 14-16
God is sovereign. The days of my life are determined as to how long they will be. Ultimately my days and time are in God’s hands.

When people are suffering the temptation is to grey through and not adequately or properly process the pain. We can often not hear or not listen well to the pain and suffering of others because we simply want them to move on and get through or get “over it”. This isn’t always healthy or right. Sometimes we need to listen better. We need to let people have as much time as needed. Sometimes we need to let God be at work healing knowing how limited we are are truly healing a soul.

The fact that someone is suffering doesn’t mean that they did wrong or sinned. It doesn’t mean they are out of alignment with God. Be very careful of misjudging what is going on in someone’s life.

When there is pain… feel the pain. Deal with the sorrow. Mourn with those who mourn and weep with those who weep. Don’t try to sweep things under the carpet. Instead feel what pain is present and process it properly.

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