Thoughts on Forgiveness

It isn’t always easy to forgive. However it is an act of faith when we forgive. We don’t have to wait for feelings of forgiveness in order to forgive. The act of forgiving is a willful choice that will produce feelings along the way. Forgiveness requires a hope and trust outside of ourselves. When we forgive we hope and trust that God is going to use the hurtful situation for some good for me and through me. Romans 8:28, Genesis 50:20 #spiritualarchitect #spiritualengineer

One thought on “Thoughts on Forgiveness

  1. I remember having to be obedient and forgive my father.  I just knew I had not heard Holy Spirit correctly when He told me to call him.  But, after some discussion with Holy Spirit, I obeyed.  That was so very hard, but I was released from that burden once I did.  To God be the glory.

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