Genesis 1-3 Reflections

Reading through Genesis 1-3 I found that God is always pursuing us.
He put us here to enjoy creation but also to enjoy Him. When we chose creation over Him is when we fell. How often do we still do that?

When we enjoy creation more than Him it destroys us and creation.
The result of that choice to sin (rebel) against God resulted in immediate death of the relationship. There was now a division in us and because of us. This was demonstrated by Adam and Eve realizing their own nakedness to them running away from God and hiding in the bushes.
Adam and Eve tried to cover themselves but it’s interesting they said they were still “naked”. Even in our attempts to hide things, nothing is hidden from God. We are still naked before Him.

In these few chapters God is revealed as Creator, Pursuant, and Merciful Judge.
God executed judgement by making them leave the Garden but this is an act of mercy. God doesn’t want them to eat of the Tree of Life. By being sent away it was keeping them from another bad choice.

How often have we failed to see that what God is doing is in our best interest? He isn’t trying to prevent us from something good but saving us for something better!

Adam and Eve left the Garden clothed by God. God made a sacrifice for their sin by killing an animal and atoning for their sin. Their makeshift clothing wasn’t enough to cover themselves. God had to clothe them. In the same way, He clothes us in the righteousness of Christ. There is no other way to have a relationship with God apart from His provision for our righteousness.

Elohim=God in Hebrew but this is a plural word. The idea is that God is triune. When God says “let us” He is talking to the other parts of the Trinity who are present at creation.
God made us to reflect His glory not to simply enjoy ourselves in creation. When Adam and Eve are presented with a choice, they chose to be “like God” instead of enjoying God. God created us to worship Him and enjoy Him forever; not to worship ourselves and enjoy ourselves forever. We will only be truly satisfied when we worship Him and seek to bring Him glory.

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