Wave Walkers

…Peter…walked on the water to go to Jesus. But when he saw that the wind was boisterous, he was afraid… —Matthew 14:29-30

When Peter walked on the water it wasn’t in the best of circumstances. We tend to think that walking with Jesus is going to best happen in ideal situations. This is an error. We can walk with Jesus well in any situation as long as we remain focused on Him.

The wind, waves, nor storm subsided when Peter took a step. All his circumstances remained when he did what was impossible. The only thing that changed when he began to sink was how much attention he gave to those things instead of the Lord. It takes just as much faith to walk on water as it does on the land. The amount of faith seems to be irrelevant but the object of our faith is paramount. When we keep our focus on Jesus, He will be the One who sustains us regardless of the circumstances around us. He is the One we have faith in, not ourselves or the diminishing or storms, winds or waves.

If the Lord has called you out of the boat, stay focused on Him. Don’t be overwhelmed by the severity of the storm, just keep listening for His voice. Somehow Peter was able to hear Jesus even though he thought He was a ghost at first. Just keep moving toward His voice and let Him sustain you.

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