Trust and Obey

By Myself I have sworn, says the Lord, because you have done this thing…I will bless you… 
God is seeking obedience out of complete trust. Trusting God’s heart leads to obedience of His will in my life. Much like Abraham, I must follow where He Leads even though I may not know where that is leading. It’s not about knowing the outcome but knowing my God is faithful, trustworthy and God. He is God and there is nothing or no one else. I prove these things and more when I obey in the smallest of ways. 
The smallest acts of obedience open huge doors of blessing, not just for myself but others also. Jesus was obedient unto death and because of that willingness to drink of His cup, all mankind can be saved. God will use us in eternally smaller ways to bless others when we are like Jesus and drink from the cups He places before us, obediently saying \”not my will, but yours be done.\” Obedience is the key to a life of purpose and trust in God. As the old hymn says: \”there’s no other way than to trust and obey.\”

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