Colossians 3:17


“Just remember that whatever you’re doing, thinking or saying is reflecting on you and God; so live in a way that will glorify God and not detract from His glory. Jesus is worthy of glory so give thanks for being able to represent Him!”


Sometimes it’s not something specific God wants me to do but just doing the ordinary unto to Him. Don’t get caught up in feeling like you have to do something spectacular, instead just live your life well all the time. Be morally and ethically consistent and this will glorify God.

Remember every word, thought and action will be judged by the Lord.

You represent someone greater than yourself. It’s not about you. It’s about Him. As a follower of Jesus, whatever I do or say can and will also be held against Him. Don’t let God get blamed for things He had nothing to do.


Lord, help me to love each day for you. Not to simply try to do extraordinary things for you but to do the seemingly small insignificant things into you as well. Help me to treasure each opportunity I have to represent you and to do it well. Remind me often that all my thoughts and actions need to glorify you.

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