The Mundane Days Of Monotony

…in much patience, in tribulations, in needs, in distresses. 2 CORINTHIANS 6:4

There is no escaping what must be done. Some of those things are mundane and without applause. We do not always receive the recognition we want or feel we deserve for enduring the tasks of life. That is because it is life. Not everything in life feels rewarding or exhilarating at the time. Yet we must continue on and be patient until the end!

There are days that will come that will demand full attentiveness, not to our task but to our Lord because of the sheer monotony of it all. If we fail to realize our calling is from Him, we will become so discouraged that the task will not be completed. Looking to Jesus is the only thing that will get us through the mundane days of monotony.

The tasks God has called each of to will vary from person to person. Yet all of us must eat, sleep and do things that all humans must do to maintain our health. These things are usually done without any fanfare. Taking out the trash is not a glorious thing unless it is seen as an act of worship. But if we worship God even in the mundane, we will be blessed. Don’t feel like God isn’t present in the monotonous or mundane. The question is will we worship Him in it?

How is your patience in the mundane and monotonous?

Do you feel like your worship of God is only on the mountaintops?

Are you in a valley now? How can you worship God there?

What can you learn about God from your daily routine?

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