God Our Sufficiency

When the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell upon Abram; and behold, horror and great darkness fell upon him.


There are times when darkness will fall… especially after a period of great joy. Depression can come in because nothing but God can give us a perpetual high. However we are not able to handle that kind of experience 100% of the time. There were times when the disciples wanted to stay on the mountain top and yet Jesus told them life was in the valley (Matthew 17:4-9). We must be careful not to gauge our relationship with God based on our experience of Him. There are times when He may be silent or withdraw so that we will learn a lesson. In life we will have periods of time when there is no immediate answer to prayer but that doesn’t mean God hasn’t heard us. What it means is that there is something else for us to learn. God is our sufficiency.

God is our God and He will remove every other thing that challenges His authority and place in our lives. The darkness is there to help us remember our dependency on the Light. Continue trusting in God not your experiences.

What has God shown you in the dark times of your life? What parts of His character have been made clear to you?

How have you been relying more on experiences of God than the character of God?

Does God seem silent and distant to you? What is your response in those kind of times?

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