Remembering You


“I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,”

‭‭Philippians‬ ‭1:3‬ ‭NKJV‬‬


Every time I think about you I am given a reason to be thankful to God.


People ought to have reason to give God thanks for you. From the way that you love others to the way you live and demonstrate your faith in God; people should have a reason to be thankful for you and your life. Taking the time to reflect is important and when we do, we can easily see the people whom God has used to influence and impact our lives. Without those people being faithful to God, who knows where we would be? On the flip side, there are people that we get to influence and impact and we may have no idea they are watching… we need to live in a way they would be thankful to have us in their lives.


Who are the people God has used in your life that you are truly thankful for?

Are you living in such a way that others are thankful for your life?

Have you prayed for and notified people of how thankful you are for them?


We all have people in our lives that God has used to get us where we are.

It is important to thank God for others and to thank them for their faith and support.


Give thanks to God for people in my life.

Let others know how thankful I am for them.

Live in such a way that others are thankful and blessed by my life.


Dear Lord, there are countless people who have been part of my life who have blessed me and been a blessing to me. Thank you for them. For every person who has invested in me, thank you! For every kindness shown to me, thank you! For every word of love, encouragement and wisdom, thank you! For every correction and admonishment, thank you! Lord you have surrounded me with wonderful people, help me to live in such a way that my life is a blessing and that others will give thanks to you.

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