System Reboot


macbook 2

The year is moving with alacrity. The question is are we moving with it? Time waits for no one but I have found that when my computer, phone or other electronic device isn’t working properly, maybe it’s time for a system reboot. This may be the case in your personal life also. If life seems a little sluggish, consider these things.

Start the day right.

Giving time to God and refocusing on the matters that are most important to you in life are great in the system reboot. When we lose sight of goals, reasons for living, purpose, etc., life is not just a drag, it seems like everything is a waste.

Slow your pace.

Busyness doesn’t equal productivity or fruitfulness. What’s wrong with taking 15 extra minutes to complete a project if it means it will be done better? Or arriving 30 minutes later if it means everyone arrives safely?…

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