2016 Trips

Merry Christmas! (1)Hey Everyone and Merry Christmas!

The time is flying by this month…anyone else feel that way? Where did 2015 go? It was definitely a great year and a busy one, which always makes things go by fast.

With that said, there are a few things happening in early 2016 that I need to go ahead and get out there because I need your help to make the most out of the trips.

jorge esOn January 4, I’ll be traveling to El Salvador. Some of you may have been aware that I was trying to go back in October (which is a usual time for me to travel there), but I chose to not go and simply send them funds for events. This worked out well for us all the way around since I had plenty to do to keep busy here in the states. This allowed for the events in ES to happen with more funding than if I had gone. I was able to take the money that would have been used for airfare to funnel it toward the skate project and other things.

It was during this time that I got a random message from a student at Messiah College who was wondering about using Vision 2 Hear as part of her college requirements. Angela Lowe is a Senior and needed to find a way to meet some of class requirements. She is getting me full details of her venture to finding V2H and I’ll post it soon.

We are planning to travel to ES on January 4 and I’ll stay until the 15th. Angela will be there until the 25th. Please be praying for us as we go to serve the Lord in various ways.

DSC_0061Another trip happening in late February is a return to India. One of the things we are looking to do is build on the WAVE Team ministry by providing another conference for the 50+ involved in the ministry there but to also help get a Christian radio station started! Mike Liebler and I would travel and spend about 2 weeks serving our sister ministry SAC. We will also be setting up things for a trip to India in the summer to run a week of summer camp.

We have many possibilities shaping up for Summer 2016 and that info will be coming soon. Until then would you prayerfully consider making a year end donation to Vision 2 Hear to help with some of these upcoming trips? Simply use this link: Donate to V2H




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