Journaling: 4 Reasons Why You Should Start.

journal why you should start

Ever since 12th grade I’ve been journaling. Poems, notes, a few drawings with a multitude of thoughts and prayers have filled about 20 journals over the last 28 years. Why am I such a big proponent of journaling? Here is a short list of why I think everyone should practice this discipline.

It’s easy.

For even the least creative, artistic individual, journaling has never been easier. With apps that can voice record or phones that can video, saving your ingenious concepts to silly moments has never been simpler.  For many, the thought of journaling is synonymous with handwriting or long form records of the day, but it doesn’t have to be. What if you looked at journaling as saving your to-do list and simply giving commentary? Or taking pics posted to Instagram and cataloging them? Or even using an online journal/blog to keep a record by easily dragging and dropping pics or status updates you or friends have posted? Because there are so many ideas, thoughts and to-do’s throughout the day, journaling them is an easy way to ensure you follow through or follow-up! Most of the time we have our phones or tablets with us, so why not employ them to save a few thoughts along the way? It’s as easy as pushing a button!

It’s creative.

Nowadays there is no reason for any person to use the cop out: “I’m not that creative”. Journaling doesn’t have to be creative per se, meaning that you don’t have to be extremely elaborate in decorating your pages etc. Simply using a different font or color, (colored pens or markers for handwritten) adds creativity. Stretching yourself to use a journal does allow you to be creative. Your creative juices will flow more and more as you use journaling and you will see that what was once a drudgery is now a delight! Journaling allows the creativity within each of us to be uniquely expressed. It forces us to slow down, reflect and evaluate, which effectively inspires creativity.

It’s historic.

Keeping a journal allows you to chronicle your life story. From mountaintops to valleys, my journals include joys and sorrows, praises and prayers. I have poems of all sorts, Bible study notes, pictures, and important records saved in journals. When I get nostalgic I read through my journals and reflect. When I need some encouragement as to God working in my life or answering prayers, I can search through handwritten journals or search tags in my electronic journals. Keeping records of my life events is not something I have ever regretted doing because in many ways it is my autobiography. I have a record or not only the events but my feelings, and inner most thoughts. In some cases I have my own voice or pics which makes it very accurate on all levels as I can instantly recall what I meant or thought or felt.

It’s something you won’t regret.

There are moments in life we will never forget. Record them. And there are tons of things that we will never remember…unless you have a record! Journaling increases your memories vastly and gives you a flashback guide. Sometimes I spend a few minutes writing/ journaling, while other times may be more like an hour. But at this point, I don’t regret any amount of time I used creating these wonderful words penned/typed by my own hand as a testament of who I am and what I’ve done with my life. I don’t think you’ll regret your investment of a few moments each day either. Start your journal today!

If you are looking for resources on journaling or tips, let me know. I can send some samples. Otherwise, here are a few apps I would recommend if you are serious about getting into this discipline for life using your smart device or tablet.





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George ProfileGeorge Lockhart is a missionary with Vision 2 Hear and serves as the creative arts and missions pastor at New Vision Church in Fayetteville, GA

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