The Valley Of Vision

2015-10-15 00.01.46

There is a paradox in life

Especially for those who follow Christ

In fact, all of life may be a paradox.

To live is to die

To gain is to lose

To be great is to serve

To believe is to choose

What really matters is what or who I see when I enter the valley:

And we will all enter the Valley of Vision at some point

Blinded by the heartache of disillusionment

Suffering from character cataracts

Blinding my own eyes with blinding disguises

Seeking shade but longing for Light

To what do I aspire?

To what do I look?

The Valley of Vision refocuses my attention

On all that I was created to be

For there is a sun in the sky that is only hidden briefly

By the mountain of my next great success.

So I lift my eyes and cast down my “i”‘s

I become myself by becoming undone

In the Valley Of Vision where the shadow of death

Enlightens and enlivens me

Giving and yet taking away my breath.

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