6 Ways To Break (From) Your Cell Phone(Or Other Devices)


break phone

We are all attached, aren’t we? Let’s be honest, there are times when the phone/tablet dominates who we are and all of our time regardless of where we are or the people we are with. From buzzes and dings to ringtones and alerts, the never ending wonder/fascination/addiction to technology consumes much of our thoughts and lives. May I offer 6 ways to break from your phone to keep your sanity and be present with the physical world?

1.Pay full attention to the present people. When real people are present ready to engage in conversation, silence your phone. Give the phone a break when you have the chance to talk to people face-to-face and engage in meaningful expression. Turn it upside-down so you are not distracted by the screen lighting up.

2. Pay full attention to meals and company. When it’s meal time, leave the phone somewhere away from the table…

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