Devotionals For Leaders: Relentless


Relentless. We love that word, don’t we? It’s a sounding word but not an easy word to live. Relentless means persistent and unyielding. Does this define your pursuit of Christ? We love the thought of someone being relentless toward us but when it comes to us pursuing Christ, it’s a different matter. To be honest, many of us know very little about a relentless pursuit.

It’s easy to be relentless about a pursuit that makes me feel good or that I can see having huge benefits for me and my ego. What about a pursuit that diminishes me and makes much of someone else? A passionate, relentless pursuit of Christ means that He increases and I decrease (John 3:30). It means that I chase hard after Him even at my own expense and demise. The pursuit of Christ means that I continually press Christ to the forefront and push myself to the background.

This kind of pursuit doesn’t always feel good nor are we always applauded by others for it. But it doesn’t matter. Even when Heaven is silent, the pursuit continues because we are more committed to Christ and finding Him than to having validation. The celestial game of Hide And Seek carries on because we know that the promises of God are true: seek Him and we will find. We trust that as Jesus said He would never leave us or forsake us, that He is near if I will simply continue to seek and wait. His silence is not indicative of an absence. He will be silent sometimes in order to incite a search.

As leaders we must not relent in our search for God. We must take the “me” out of the search. It’s easy to waffle in our quest for God because we wonder what’s in it for us? God is in it! But will be satisfied with Him alone? The search for God ends when we become more concerned about what others think about us or how can we become more successful in ministry as at that point we have made our image the one we worship.

Final thought: Seek the Lord as He is near. Never relent in your passionate pursuit of God. And by all means keep God’s glory as the focus of all your endeavors.

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