Devotionals For Leaders: Overwhelmed By A Burden?


Not all burdens are bad…there are some that are placed on us by God Himself and He intends us to do something about them. Namely what we are to do is to cast them back onto Him. No one is meant to bear their burden alone. God is not asking us to be solely responsible for whatever our burden is. In fact, when we try to be solely responsible, we run the risk of supplanting God and His power in people’s lives. God’s intention with whatever we sense a strong burden is not that we would be the complete answer but that we would labor along with Christ in prayer, service and love until the burden is gone. Burdens become burdensome and overwhelming when we start taking matters into our own hands instead of allowing God to be in control.

The leader must identify with the burden, whatever it is in a real way. Some people take up causes and ideas but they are short-lived because the leader did not have a real burden. It was more of a nice gesture or empty sentiment. A real and true burden will run the danger of being all-consuming, devouring every ounce of energy. It is for this reason that the leader must consciously return back to Christ and lay the burden onto His shoulders.

Oswald Chambers said:

“Cast your burden on the Lord….” You have been bearing it all, but you need to deliberately place one end on God’s shoulder. “…the government will be upon His shoulder” (Isaiah 9:6). Commit to God whatever burden He has placed on you. Don’t just cast it aside, but put it over onto Him and place yourself there with it. You will see that your burden is then lightened by the sense of companionship.

As leaders, Jesus invites us into the world of those who are weary and heavy laden, not only that we may share in bearing their burdens but ultimately that we may lead them to Christ, who alone gives rest and peace. Jesus doesn’t give us a burden for someone or some cause with the intention of us becoming so overwhelmed that we become of no use. But we will be of little to no use when we don’t give the burden back to Christ. Our burdens may be great but our God is greater. This is our hope and our joy; our confidence is found in Him who gives us strength to bear whatever burden He has placed on us.

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