Devotionals For Leaders: This Cup’s For You


Jesus came with them to a place called Gethsemane, and said to the disciples….”Stay here and watch with Me.” —Matthew 26:36, 38

There are some things that only you as a leader will be able to understand. You will not have even the closest of friends be able to sympathize with your feelings or experiences for they are yours alone. Jesus encountered such things in the Garden of Gethsemane. He brought his closest disciples along and wanted them to keep watch and pray with him. But they failed to fully comprehend, and even less experience what Jesus faced. He alone bled sweat drops of blood. The agony of Jesus was His alone.

As a leader, it is also important to remember that Satan is not going to leave you alone. He may depart for a while or more “opportune time” but rest assured, he will come again. It is essential that you are prepared for the next time he comes. Jesus knowing his time of death was drawing near, immediately goes for prayer in the Garden. Being aware of what He would face soon, Jesus takes his final chance to pray to the Father for strength and surrender.  It was during this time that Jesus triumphed over the devil again, surrendering His will to the will of His Father. Jesus willingly accepted the mission and how it had to be completed, knowing that He was the One selected for the job. You are the leader for a reason. You are in the role that you are for a reason. Don’t miss it. Don’t trade it. Don’t waste it. Even if your own humanity don’t trust your feelings, trust your God.

The agony in Gethsemane was the agony of the Son of God in fulfilling His destiny as the Savior of the world. The veil is pulled back here to reveal all that it cost Him to make it possible for us to become sons of God. His agony was the basis for the simplicity of our salvation. The Cross of Christ was a triumph for the Son of Man. It was not only a sign that our Lord had triumphed, but that He had triumphed to save the human race. Because of what the Son of Man went through, every human being has been provided with a way of access into the very presence of God. Oswald Chambers

Jesus had been attacked before by the devil and his divinity had proven strong. Now Jesus’s humanity is about to be tested to the very end. Jesus embraced the cup before He embraced the cross. This cup was filled with pain, misunderstanding, loneliness, rejection, and betrayal. As leaders, it is very likely you will feel these things and experience them many times within the relationships and life of the organization in which you serve. There are going to be times when it seems that no one understands…and no one but Jesus may.

What will it take for you? Perseverance. Trust. Resilience. Fortitude.

Final Thought: Leadership is often lonely. Regardless of what you have been through or are going through, Jesus is with you and praying for you.

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