3 Disciplines For A Fruitful Ministry In 2015

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There’s no question that if I were to ask: “who wants to be successful in 2015”, everyone would raise their hands. In fact, no one sets out to be a failure at any time in their lives. Even though there are no surefire ways to promise success in 2015, there are certain things one can do to make the year fruitful. Here are a few suggestions to consider as you move into a new year.

Cultivate Your Heart.

Moving into a new year is exciting and fresh…it’s a way to “start over”, if you will. But that’s the question, isn’t it: will you? Will you make a fresh and clean start? It all begins with your own heart. If you want to be fruitful in 2015, you have to begin with yourself. You have to deal with some serious questions about your direction, your attitude, and your heart. If the new year is going to be new, you have to properly deal with the past.  This may require approaching others and dealing with issues that have been put off or unresolved. Regardless of the situation, good fruit requires good roots and good roots require good soil.

Plant The Right Seeds.

We all plant seeds in life. Some of those seeds are going to bear good fruit while others may seem to not bear anything. But here’s one fact that is sure; you will only reap what you plant. If you want to reap peace in 2015, you have to plant seeds of peace. If you want to reap new and deeper friends, then you have to plant some seeds of kindness and sincerity. Planting the right seeds doesn’t always ensure a great harvest but it’s going to give you a much better chance.

Nourish And Nurture Relationships.

Looking back on 2014, there are probably some relationships that didn’t go the way you would have liked. There are probably some things that drained or even killed a relationship. It’s important to look at why these things happened and seek to understand how you can better nurture the friendships that really mean something to you in 2015. As you know, relationships, just like fruit takes a while and perhaps even years to develop and grow. If you desire to have lasting and meaningful relationships it’s important to start nourishing and nurturing those now. Much like success, fruitfulness takes great time, patience and resolve to realize. If you start investing today in relationships and people, loving them through Christ, your life will be richer, more meaningful and certainly more fruitful at the end of 2015.

So, those are a few thoughts for fruitfulness this year, what would you suggest?

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