Merry Christmas: Expectancy


Merry Christmas

There is no doubt that Mary was expecting Jesus for about 9 months. But before the angel’s visit she wasn’t expecting Him, at least certainly not in that way. Nor was Joseph. Nor the shepherds or Wismen, or really any others at all. No one expected Jesus to show up this way. For centuries, people longed for the Messiah to come and expected God to answer their prayers and heartfelt longings, but no one could have called this one! This was a God-sized answer in an unexpected, almost unbelievable way!

As you prepare for the New Year, what are you expecting? May I give some thought-provoking questions over the next few days to help you prepare for all that God may want to do in your life in the New Year? Before I do that though, let me make a few points about how God handled this whole situation so…

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