Vijayawada Day 3 Update


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was certainly a busy day. We made our way to a store opening for a man who belongs to Pastor Ragendra’s church. He asked us to come and celebrate the grand opening of his new store, to bless it and share a few thoughts and then be part of the ribbon-cutting ceremony. It was a cool thing to do and to be invited to be part of. While there they gave us drinks and a nice spicy-sweet snack. I have to say my mouth was on fire, but I am a spice-wimp.

We then went shopping at the local “Walmart” to get some candy bars to give away at the schools. It was interesting to be inside a store like that, much like our Sam’s clubs/ Costco back home. While we waited for Pastor to check out, a guy asked for a photo of Brandon and I as we…

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