Arrival in El Salvador


We had a couple of great last days in Nicaragua. Sunday was a very full day. We started the morning with a worship service, with the Nicaragua WAVE team performing a few songs. Trevor and I ended the music time by sharing “Ponderosa” (Stronger, by Hillsong). Then I spoke about Jesus as Lord of our lives, sharing from Galatians 2:20 among other passages. I finished up with Watch The Lamb, by request, to demonstrate the amount of love and grace Jesus has shown toward us. It was a powerful time.

After the service, we handed out items we brought from the USA. Soaps, shampoos, razors, along with bags of rice we purchased once we arrived. The people were very thankful for what they received. We had enough for people to come through the line several times and take multiple items for their families. This was a huge blessing.

That afternoon…

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