Quiet Time: Thoughts And Reflections

Quiet Time

. . . Jesus took . . . them up on a high mountain apart by themselves . . . —Mark 9:2

Who doesn’t want to stay on the mountain? That spiritual high where life is good an God feels closer than the air you breathe? Yet God doesn’t allow us to remain on the mountain for long. Sooner or later we have to return to life back in the valley. We have to get back to the mundane and ordinary things in life.This is what causes doubt in some people’s minds; they have to leave the place of spiritual elation and ecstasy and feel as though they are leaving God. This is not necessarily true.

What we have to remember is that we are given such moments on the mountain as moments of deep and meaningful inspiration. These times are special indeed but no one is meant to live only in that moment nor to only experience those moments. If this were the case then Jesus’ death was a horrible mistake. And to be certain Jesus didn’t die just for me to have moments of bliss (although some may feel like this is a reasonable argument)!

But how selfish is that thought? How self-centered is it to want to remain in an elated spiritual state? Is it not in the ordinary and mundane things of life where our strength, hope, endurance and faith are tested and proven real? Honestly, we all want a life of ease. However for those who want a life of meaning and purpose, we must descend the mountain.

The mountain may be where we find our calling, where we discover our destiny but the valley is where it is lived out. God’s design is to use the mountain to make us aware of such things as callings and destinies and to use the valleys to mold and shape our character in order to reach our calling and destiny.

The moments on the mountain when we experience God is not meant to “teach” us as much as it is to reveal God to us. The teaching and training come in the valley. The mountain is the  revelation and the valley is the discipline. God has a purpose for both. Don’t measure your spiritual aptitude against how much time you spend on the mountain versus time in the valley, otherwise you will be depressed. God has a reason for each mountain and valley in our lives and we need to simply look for Him in each place.

For more on this topic read My Utmost For His Highest


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