Quiet Time: Thoughts And Reflections

Quiet Time


When I realize who I am and who God is, all of my own purposes and ideas of what my life is about dissolve. It’s important for me to remember that I don’t exist for myself. God created me and He has a plan that is unique for my life. Prayer and Bible study help me to conform to the plan that God has. But this plan will be realized in the most creative and faith-requiring ways. God will not call me to simply live a life that I can live apart from Him. On the contrary, God has a purpose and plan that exceeds my ability to accomplish without Him. The just live by faith and for the Christ-follower, God’s plan will require much faith.

When God gave His son for the world, most people missed it. It didn’t make sense. No one expected Jesus to come as a newborn baby much less to “die” rejected and alone for the sins of humanity. This was not the blueprint anyone would have drawn up for saving the world. Yet God’s plans and ideas of what He would do through His son not only accomplished for us what we could never have any other way; it proved that God is committed to His plan and idea for each person.

Knowing and doing God’s will is all life is really about. But the life lived according to God’s plans and ideas will not always make sense. Regardless of how overwhelming it may seem at times, it’s a plan that He intends to see fulfilled and each of us will be the better for it.

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