Three Weddings In Two Weeks


Three Weddings In Two WeeksThis weekend officially ends my summer activities and commitments. And I go out with a great celebration! Three good friends of mine have gotten married in the last two weeks. Two of them, Nick Poole and Shane Vicry were former interns with Vision 2 Hear and the third, which I actually couldn’t attend 😦 was for former Board Member of Vision 2 Hear, Tony Lawson.

So as I wrap up the summer, here are a few things I learned from weddings this summer.

Family is number one priority.

There are very few things that bring people together anymore but thankfully we still have weddings! People travel from far and wide to be part of weddings and to celebrate with their loved ones as they begin this epic journey called marriage. Even though I am not “blood-related” (nor were many others), I logged a lot of miles (as did several others)…

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