Happiness or Holiness?

L I V E  I N  T H E  S U N S H I N E

My son, do not despise the chastening of the Lord, nor be discouraged when you are rebuked by Him —Hebrews 12:5

When God rebukes you, don’t become discouraged and depressed. Turning inward and downward is how the Holy Spirit is grieved within you. Instead, take God’s reproof and learn from it, moving ever upward in your journey toward oneness with God in Christ.

Be careful to not attribute something God is doing in your life to the devil. Just because God doesn’t allow something or He doesn’t give the “go ahead” doesn’t mean the devil is at work; it may in all reality be God sparing you of a great pain. You say this pain is great but imagine the pain God is sparing you!

God may reveal something to you that seems very hard or even harsh, but don’t let it overwhelm you. God is showing you now because you can handle it. Rejoice in the fact that God has shown you and now you can work on it and move onward and upward. Remember God’s greatest desire is your holiness and not your happiness. God doesn’t exist to make me happy and this is one thing we all must reconcile in our lives. Do you seek holiness as much as you seek happiness?

God’s push is my sanctification, that is complete oneness with Him. He will continue to do whatever it takes to achieve this end. Through this process, don’t grieve the Holy Spirit who is working all this into you. Pay attention to His leading and know that it is all for God’s glory and to bring me into alignment with Christ.

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