God Whispers


God’s voice is a tender and gentle whisper. Hearing Him requires that I be still and listen intently for His voice and soft nudges. If I am wrapped up in so much activity, I can easily miss His call and get swept away in a storm of activity that is not God’s best.

Hearing God’s voice requires that I become sensitive to His Spirit and acquire such spiritual discernment that I can sense the faintest uttering of God. As I walk in the Light, as He is in the Light, I will become much more clear on details and His leading. But I must remain in the Light. God gives Light and more Light to those who heed His initial calling with alacrity. Ignoring any Light God gives, diminishes His voice in our lives and leads to more questions than answers.

God uses circumstances to help us build a solid faith in Him. I learn to trust His voice, to remain close to Him most in those times of calamity and trial. God is committed to my transformation. His Son formed in me is His ultimate goal. I am to become so One with Him and His Spirit that hearing His voice is second nature. Until then, I must continually still myself in the midst of storms or sunny days and listen quietly for God’s whisper.

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