Where Does My Confidence Lie?

Where Does My Confidence Lie-

Where does my confidence lie? Is it in myself or in God? This will be revealed in times of hardship and trial. It is easy to say I am confident in God when times are easy and the waters of life are calm. But let a storm arise and the waters rush with waves…will I be as confident in God then?

God expects me to be confident in Him regardless of my current situation. He expects me to not only rely on Him during these times but for others to be able to rely on me as an example of faith, hope and courage in God.

Oftentimes though, I can find myself retreating back to “old” ways of living, where I am full of fear, doubt, and coping “vices” and devices to try to make sense of life and handle what is uncertain.

Time and again, the Lord said to the disciples: “O you of little faith…why are you doubting?” He says the same to me. I am guilty as charged when I fix my eyes on myself and what I understand instead of looking to the Lord for all things and trusting His Word, love and heart. He has promised to be with me and to take me through all things. I can be confident in His presence even if I cannot understand the outcome.

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