5 Things I Was Reminded About In June

Five Things

With another month closing in a few hours, here are 5 things I was vividly reminded about in June.

1) God is in control of all things.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADuring the trip to Nicaragua, I saw this in a couple of dramatic ways. We had obtained a very heavy mechanical wheelchair and wanted to bring it to Nicaragua with us. It would take a special movement of God to get it there for us relatively cheap. How does “free” sound? Once we got it to the airport, a teammate, who also works for Delta talked with some people and they offered to take the wheelchair and check it for free! Moreover, we had 50 bibles that brought our luggage to 17lbs over limit. God checked that also! These were just a couple of ways. There are also stories I could share about how some people’s funds came in and how God provided for the trip.

2) God’s Word is precious.

Featured Image -- 763As we passed out Bibles in Los Zorros, seeing people clutching them to their chests, immediately opening them to read and some even shedding tears, reminded me that God’s Word is very precious. Seeing them jubilant, with some even having tears streaming down their faces ( as I was told) helps me to remember that God’s Word is needed around the world and that I need to treasure it more and more in my life everyday!

3) God is the one who will be GREAT.

After looking hard at my life over the last couple days, I have seen that there were times in my life when my own “greatness” was challenging the greatness of God in my life. Sometimes even as a guy in the ministry, I can be in competition with God for wanting people to “like” me instead of LOVE God. I can become more fixated on people thinking I’m cool instead of challenging them about their relationship with Christ. Thankfully God has reminded me to make sure I am aware of who’s great…and it’s not me.

4) Simple things can make a difference.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile in Nicaragua, my mom took a few minutes and cleaned off a few little girl’s faces with some handiwipes. Then with great care, pinned their hair up in some dollar hair elastics. This wasn’t some day at the beauty spa. This wasn’t some massive makeover. What it was: a picture of Christ!

5) Do what you can!

I’ve tried to live by this philosophy: find what you can do and do it well. 10339441_10202443157784703_1351155308794269000_oLast week we put on a camp for the Korean church in Havelock and it was great. Even though our week was shortened a day, the kids had an awesome time and the relationships and memories that came from it will last forever. Living by this line of thinking provided a camp for several kids that would not have a camp experience this summer otherwise. And you know who was blessed most because of it? I was. Doing what I can, when I can is something I would definitely challenge you to make a mantra of your own. You just might find yourself more blessed than you ever thought!


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