GOD. Omnipresent


God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1

Power. People of all ages and places struggle in their quest to obtain this attribute and wield it for their use. Whether it’s a brother dominating their siblings to a ruler lording over a nation, a desire for power can corrupt anyone. Yet, I must be reminded often that all power is not within our grasp. In fact, regardless of who’s in “power” all power and positions come from God.  These are a few ways that I recognize God’s power in my life.

1) God Has Power Over All Nature

There is no doubt that as of late our world has been overwhelmed by earthquakes, tornadoes, storms, hurricanes, and tsunamis. With Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, the earthquake in Haiti and tsunami in Indonesia, it’s easy to realize how powerful nature is. Nevertheless, God is more powerful. Nahum 1:5Psalm 107:23-32 Jesus demonstrated His power of nature several times, calming storms, (Matthew 8:23-27Matthew 14:22-33). Even though nature may be powerful, God is more powerful still.

2) God’s Has Power Over All Governments and Rulers

If elections don’t go the way I want or laws are passed that I don’t agree with, I can be full of faith and trust in God who holds all nations and rulers in His hand, (Psalm 46Psalm 82:8Psalm 113:4). People, presidents, rulers or kings ultimately are under God’s watchful eye and His power trumps them all. I must simply obey God and submit to Him as my authority and be prayerful for the people in leadership around the world that they would recognize God as Sovereign.

3) God Has Power Over Me

God doesn’t always exercise His power over me or these other things I have mentioned. However, there are times when I can see God’s hand mightily at work in my situations and circumstances. At times I am made painfully aware that I a mere human, flesh and bone whose life is but a breath, whose life is like a blade of grass( James 4:13-17Psalm 103:15-16)  Thankfully, God is not so much looking for someone to control as a puppet or marionette but someone who shares His heartbeat and wants to walk in the same direction as He is going. God’s power is best revealed in me when I love as He does, serve as He served and give as He gave. Forgiving others, praying for those who are not like me and don’t like me, and humbling myself before God are evidences of God’s power over my life. Apart from God, these types of things would be impossible. As I humble myself before the Lord and lift Him up, God’s power is made much more clear in my life.

Knowing God is omnipotent brings me a great amount of hope and comfort in days that seem bleak and abysmal. How does God’s power over nature, government or yourself affect the way you look at life?


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