GOD. Omnipresent


Psalm 139:7 Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence?

Presence. It’s something that we all talk about much these days. In the age of technology it is possible to physically be in a room but “not be there”. People can have conversations with us and we only hear just the last few words because our minds are elsewhere. In many ways we are trying to be omnipresent, trying to be more productive and connected.

However “successful” we may be at multitasking, we are unable and incapable of being in more than one place at a time. Try as we may to be “present” through video chatting, conference calls, etc. we are simply bound to space and time. God is not. Considering this attribute of God I am aware of three distinct things living in God’s presence does for me.

1) Acknowledging God’s Presence Curtails Sin.

The act of living in full view of God can and should and does curtail my actions, reactions and thoughts. Knowing that He is with me gives me pause to reconsider choices I am about to make and  helps me choose the best path for life. When I am faced with temptation, I know that He is with me,empowering me to overcomeproviding an escape, and leading me in the paths of righteousness for His namesake. Simply acknowledging GOD is in the room transforms every place into a holy place where sin cannot dwell.

2) Acknowledging God’s Presence Bolsters My Confidence.

Going into situations that are unfamiliar requiring great amounts of  faith can be difficult for anyone, even the strongest of Christians. Yet, God has promised to be with me always and therefore, I can move forward in confidence. Knowing that He keeps His promises and that His presence is guaranteed regardless of my fear, unworthiness, lack of trust or even doubt, helps me have the confidence I need to live for His glory. Just as God commanded  Joshua time and again to be strong and courageous, I can take courage in knowing God is also with me. When fear, insecurity or doubt arise, simply acknowledging God’s presence boosts my confidence.

3)Acknowledging God’s Presence  Provides Rest For My Soul.

Being that God is continually and always present means He has been involved in my past and present and will be involved in my future. My past doesn’t have to weigh me down, my present doesn’t have to stress me out and I don’t have to fear the future in any way. Since God is with me, I can stop and rest in His presence and bask in His loving care knowing that He is good and He is GOD.

How does knowing God is omnipresent affect you?

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