Team Nicaragua Week #2

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Our team is back and we had an incredible week serving in Padre Ramos. Upon arriving in Nicaragua, we thought we may have some issue with bringing the wheelchair that was donated but they finally agreed to let us go with it without any tax or duty for bringing it…


Crafting A Legacy

  At church this week, we heard a sermon on Legacy. It was a good sermon and topic for Father’s Day. I’ve thought about this before myself and when I did a little research on the old English word,I found out something interesting. Often when we define the word Legacy we immediately think about what…

poppin some tags

Poppin’ Some Tags

“Experience is expensive and a wise person buys it at a thrift store”. I’ve heard it said in various ways through the years but it’s so true: wisdom learns from the mistakes of others. This rationale is lost on the hard-headed who feel it is necessary to learn on their own, apart from the advice…


She’s A Wreck…And So Are We!

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Things I’m learning from Miley Cyrus and about myself. No one would debate the fact that there has been more than a hurricane of hub-bub over Miley Cyrus during the last several weeks. Her appearance on the MTV Video Music Awards catapulted her to more than water cooler conversation in…