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WAVE Team Reflections on Philippians 1:6

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And I am sure of this, that he who began

What do you seem to place your confidence in other than God, or Jesus?

How do those things seem to make you feel secure or confident?

What work does God seem to be doing in your life right?

How is this work a continuation of things God has been doing in your life?

What is it that God is building in your future? Can you see anything?

How does this verse bring you confidence or courage about anything in your life currently?

Why is this a good verse to memorize or ponder?

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Psalm 119:9-11 Getting Through The Woods

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Vision 2 Hear

When I read Psalm 119:9-11, I thought of how challenging it can be to clear the way toward purity but not only that, toward a meaningful and abundant life, as well. In our world today there are branches, fallen trees, thorns, thistles, and vines, obstructing our paths as we journey. It’s imperative to know how best to deal with these things because if we are not careful, our lives will be ruined. God’s Word provides great instruction for living a pure life and gives us the motivation behind it.

Before we move on, let me ask this question? What governs your life right now? How do you feel about living a pure or godly life? Is it a priority for you? Or do you feel it’s “old fashioned”? Think about your response and consider the possibilities and results.

It’s really important to come to a resolution about the role God’s…

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WAVE Team Reflections: Psalm 119:9-11

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psalm 119:9-11

As we work through this passage for the week, think about these things:

How difficult is it for you to live a “clean” or “pure” life in our society?

Have you seen any road maps or signs that God has given you to help you in your daily walk? What “signs” or “maps” could you post for yourself to help?

How does God’s Word help you as a map? What is the difference between a map opposed to a compass or GPS?

Would you say you are “single-minded” in your pursuit of God’s ways or even God Himself?

What are some signs you have missed in the past that you recall now? Are you abel to make a U-turn?

How are you banking on God’s Word, His promises?

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