Christmas Journal: Timing

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Merry Christmas

“While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.”

The Gospel of Luke, Chapter 2:6-7

Timing is everything. Punctuality is important and cannot be overstated. But this is not an issue we have to worry about with God. He is not contained within or bound by time. However He works within time to accomplish His plans and purposes. We can rest assured thatHe is always and forevermore will be right on time!

Now I have to admit that there are times when I wish God would move a little earlier than He does. There are also times I wish He would not stretch my faith so far as to have me wait until the very last…

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Merry Christmas: Expectancy

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Merry Christmas

There is no doubt that Mary was expecting Jesus for about 9 months. But before the angel’s visit she wasn’t expecting Him, at least certainly not in that way. Nor was Joseph. Nor the shepherds or Wismen, or really any others at all. No one expected Jesus to show up this way. For centuries, people longed for the Messiah to come and expected God to answer their prayers and heartfelt longings, but no one could have called this one! This was a God-sized answer in an unexpected, almost unbelievable way!

As you prepare for the New Year, what are you expecting? May I give some thought-provoking questions over the next few days to help you prepare for all that God may want to do in your life in the New Year? Before I do that though, let me make a few points about how God handled this whole situation so…

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Back From India

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I arrived back in Atlanta last evening around 5pm. Once I collected my baggage and had my car dropped off, I began the little more than an hour drive back to Covington, GA. Once I got onto the highway, I knew I was back in GA…the traffic was slow and the roads were packed with rush hour traffic. But I couldn’t help but remember the roads and traffic in India and be a little more than grateful for even being able to have a car in such traffic.

Our trip home was a little eventful with challenges from flying “stand-by” but there was nothing over-the-top-major. We did have a little snag in Amsterdam when we checked in. Unknowingly, Brandon had scheduled his flight time for a later departure than ours. So we had to make some quick adjustments and try to get ours switched so we could all fly out…

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A Walk Through The Slums In Vijayawada

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Yesterday we went through some of the slums in Vijayawada. It reminded me of Nicaragua and Nigeria to some degree as you will see in the pics below. While we walked and took pics, we stopped and went into some homes, handed out candy bars to the kids and told people of the outdoor meeting for the evening.

We went through two areas. It was the second one where we had an impromptu performance of the Shark Song to promote the evening event. all the kids loved the song and we further promoted the crusade.

After coming back to the house, we had a meal, worked on various things like web design for the ministry here, discussion of other ministry needs and preparation for the evening service.

It was close to 8:15pm before we made it to the location, which was only a couple miles from the house. The streets…

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